Canon EOS 80D Camera Setting Tips

Some of these settings apply to other canon models as well.

Change Image Recording Quality

By default the 80D comes set with image quality set to JPEG. Set it to RAW image format which is better for editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

When not shooting RAW, put "Picture Style" on "Neutral" so that images are not modified by the camera allowing them to be better modified by software outside the camera like Photoshop.

Change the Focus Mode

For sharpest images, it is best that the camera constantly focus on the subject. Hit the "Q" button and tap the "One Focus" button on the touch screen and then change it to "AI Focus". This means the camera will decide to use "AI Servo" mode if the subject is moving and "One Focus" mode if the subject is still.

Use "Zone AF" or "1 pt AF" to choose where to focus the camera this way the camera does not decide where the focus point should be, the photographer does.

Movie Settings

Record in Full HD at 60 frames per second because the movie can be downgraded to 30 fps later but a 30 fps one cannot be upgraded to 60 fps. And Full HD as opposed to just HD is the same issue. HD cannot reasonably be upgraded to FHD. Also, set the sound recording to "Manual" because the camera will automatically boost sensitivity when there is no on talking and introduce lots of noise.

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