Nikon FTZ Lens Adapter

NikonThis basic adapter allows Nikon F-mount Nikkor pre-Ai, Ai, Ai-S, AF-S and AF-P lenses to mount and function more or less normally on Z-mount camera bodies. DX lenses force a 24 x 16mm crop of full frame sensor cameras and it fills the entire viewfinder. With AF and AF-D lenses, only autofocus is lost. This is because there is no focus motor integrated into the adapter.

It attaches easily to the camera and performance is the same as on Nikon F-mount bodies. There is a tripod socket on the first generation version only, however there are reports of its fragility so perhaps it is best that it not be used.

There have been compatibility problems reported with some third-party lenses.

Early samples were made in Japan. In an unusual move, Nikon decided to shift production to Thailand. Usually, a decision is made to produce a product in one country or another for the life of the product. Perhaps this adapter proved more popular than Nikon originally imagined.

Notes on Manual Focus Capabilities

Most Nikon Nikkor lenses can be manually focused using the magnifier and focus peaking aids. Nikon Nikkor Z, AF-D, AF-S, AF-P and Ai-P lenses allow focus confirmation by turning the red focus area selector to green. Conveniently, this also includes properly "chipped" manual focus lenses like those with the so-called Dandelion chip installed. Nikon Nikkor Pre-Ai, Ai, Ai-S and basic AF lenses do not get the green focus confirmation, and the all-mechanical pre-Ai, Ai and Ai-S lenses do not transmit aperture information to the body but do stop down as the aperture ring is turned down.

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