Fotodiox Nikon G Lens to Fujifilm X Mount Adapter

Fotodiox Part Number: FONIKGFXRDLX

FotodioxThis very basic adapter allows Nikon F-mount Nikkor pre-Ai, Ai, Ai-S, AF and AF-D lenses to mount and function more or less normally on Fujifilm X-mount camera bodies as manual focus lenses. More importantly, it allows Nikkor G type lenses to function as well. It does not work with Nikkor E types lenses because these have electronic aperture control.

If using with Nikkor pre-Ai, Ai, Ai-S, AF or AF-D lenses then set the aperture to the smallest value (largest f/number) and use the aperture control ring on the adapter to adjust the aperture just like with G-type lenses.

This Fotodiox DLX series adapter is compatible with Fuji X-Pro1, X-E1, X-E2, X-E3, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3 cameras, to name a few. These cameras should be set to "allow shoot without lens" in their menu system in order to use this adapter. There is a tripod socket with 1/4"-20 thread and the foot is Arca-Swiss type compatible. It is constructed of brass and aluminum and has an aluminum de-clicked aperture control ring for precise manual adjustment of Nikkor G type lenses.

These adapters have infinity focusing capabilities and are made in China.

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