Which to Buy: Nikon Z6 vs D750 Comparison

February 2019

The Z6 is 6 year(s) old while the D750 is 10 years old. These are both FX 24 megapixel cameras and there are additional similarities but also some differences that the buyer needs to be aware of before pulling the trigger.

The similarities between these two cameras are:

The advantages the D750 has over the Z6 are:

The advantages the Z6 has over the D750 are:

Neither camera has:

Additional Notes

The Z6 exhibits banding in the shadows due to its on-sensor phase detection. It is actually 24.5 megapixels.

The D750 is actually 24.3 megapixels.


Want the latest tech: Z6. Otherwise, the D750 is still a very capable camera that does not exhibit banding in the shadows.

See these comparisons:

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