Which to Buy: Fujifilm X-T3 vs X-H1 Comparison

February 2019

The X-T3 is 6 year(s) old and the X-H1 is 6 year(s) old. While the X-T3 is slightly newer and aimed at a different market segment, these cameras are very similar but there are some subtle differences worth noting to the new camera buyer.

The similarities between these two cameras are:

The advantages the X-H1 has over the X-T3 are:

The advantages the X-T3 has over the X-H1 are:

Neither camera has:

Additional Notes

Fujifilm have two winners on their hands with these cameras. What's more important: video or IBIS? It is a tough call to make. When Fujifilm introduce the X-H2 then the decision will be obvious.

See these comparisons:

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