Nikon NIKKOR-H Auto 1:2 f=50mm Nippon Kogaku Non-Ai Lens (f/2)

Review of the Nikon NIKKOR-H Auto 1:2 f=50mm Nippon Kogaku Non-Ai Lens (f/2).

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In 1964, Nikon redesigned their NIKKOR-S f=5cm 1:2 lens to have one fewer elements at six. It was a Guassian type with six elements in four groups. The H in NIKKOR-H stands for Hex, or six.

flower at greater than 1:1 reproduction ratio using two 27.5mm extension tubes

This design endured for 15 years, ending in 1979. In total, over 1.25 million of these lenses were produced. That's a lot of lenses!

This particular lens has a scalloped, wider focus collar and a chrome nose. It is made in Japan and marked in feet and meters. It stops down to f/16 using a six-bladed diaphragm. This is a pre-Ai lens meaning it will NOT work on most modern Nikon cameras. It has depth of field and focus scales. It is single-coated and was replaced with the otherwise-identical NIKKOR-H•C version which was multi-coated.

center, f/5.6 (3-to-1)
corner, f/5.6 (3-to-1)
corner, f/8 (3-to-1)

This lens is an outstanding performer and a real bargain on the used market.

The bokeh may not be fantastic, but it is not too bad.

bokeh at f/2
bokeh at f/2.8
bokeh at f/4
bokeh at f/5.6

Flaring and ghosting are well controlled.


Unlike its predecessor, this lens draws a clean infrared image even at f/16.

infrared, f/16

By f/8, diffraction has begun.

Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon
Nikon construction legend


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