Nikon NIKKOR-S•C Auto 1:1.4 f=50mm Non-Ai Lens (f/1.4)

Review of the Nikon NIKKOR-S•C Auto 1:1.4 f=50mm Non-Ai Lens (f/1.4).

Overall Rating:

From the earlier Nikkor-S Auto f=50mm/1.4 review:

This lens is made in Japan. It has distance markers in feet and meters and has an infrared focus index. It has depth of field and focus scales and it stops down to f/16 with a seven-bladed diaphragm. This is a pre-Ai lens meaning it will not fully work on most modern Nikon cameras.

This lens was introduced in 1973 and discontinued in 1974, which is when the "K" version came out with updated cosmetics.

The focus collar does NOT feel fluid like when it was new. It has become dried out after all this time.

This is the multicoated version which means greater contrast and color saturation.

single coated version
this multicoated lens

Contrast is poor at f/1.4 due to spherical aberration.

soft at f/1.4
better at f/4

Color fringing detail at 3-to-1.

center at f/8
corner at f/8
corner at f/5.6

See the Nikkor-S Auto f=50mm/1.4 review as the optical design is unchanged from this lens.

Like the single coated version, this lens is not good for infrared.

infrared hot spot at f/16

Just like the single coated version, the bokeh is quite nice and creamy. When stopping down the lens the bokeh will suffer if there are points of light in the frame because the diaphragm is not rounded.

bokeh at f/1.4

Distortion is well controlled for a lens design of this age.

Diffraction begins around f/11. This lens is sharpest at f/8 or even f/5.6.

Nikon lens construction legend

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