Nikon NIKKOR-Q•C Auto 1:4 f=200mm Non-Ai Lens (f/4)

Review of the Nikon NIKKOR-Q•C Auto 1:4 f=200mm Non-Ai Lens (f/4).

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This lens was introduced in 1973 and discontinued in 1976. It was replaced by the K (another pre-Ai variant), Ai and Ai-S version with updated optics. About 65,000 units were produced.

berries, 0.135× magnification, f/4

Even though this lens is 50 years old, the focus collar still feels fluid. This is a testament to how well built these are. It has a 210° focus throw, 7 bladed diaphragm and two-meter closest focusing. The front element does not turn as it is focused. It is a real joy to use compared to the plastic lenses of today. And the built-in hood is a nice touch.

This is the multicoated version of this NIKKOR-Q lens which means greater contrast and color saturation.

The bokeh is good save for the longitudinal chromatic aberration (LoCA), which is so heavy that it can been seen in the out of focus areas while focusing the lens out in the field (as opposed to charts in the lab).

bokeh, f/4
bokeh, f/5.6
bokeh, f/8

Lens is not as sharp as the Nikkor 80-200mm/4.5 Ai lens. It does exhibit some color fringing.

center at f/4 (3-to-1)
corner at f/4 (3-to-1)
center at f/5.6 (3-to-1)
corner at f/5.6 (3-to-1)

This lens is good for infrared photography.

infrared, f/22

Distortion is well controlled.

Though not perfect, this multicoated lens exhibits good control against flaring.

flaring, f/32

Diffraction has begun by f/11. This lens is sharpest at f/8 or even f/5.6.

Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon
Nikon lens construction legend

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